Welcome to Phil’s Patent Picks

Every now and again we hear of a new product or technology that is set to change the way we work or interact with the world around us.  These innovative ideas are usually protected by patents particularly if there is potential for the invention to be copied or used in multiple applications.

The Printed Electronics sector is a rich source of new ideas and industry developments.  As time permits, I hope to bring you details of some of the patents and patent applications that lie behind recent announcements in the media.  For the record, I have no financial interest in any of the companies or research groups featured in these posts.

About Phil Coldrick

Phil graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1982 with a PhD in organic chemistry and joined the Research Division of Kodak Limited as an imaging scientist where he went on to design many novel materials for the printing industry.  He is an inventor with ten patents in imaging systems.

After 26 years with Kodak, including 4 years spent in the US Eastman Kodak Research labs, Phil became established as an IP specialist and research scientist, managing a worldwide patent portfolio and advising on all aspects of the patenting process from filing through to maintenance of the granted patents.  On the closure of the European labs in 2009, he set up his own patent consultancy, located in Cambridge UK, called IP Scope.

Phil is an experienced materials scientist, patent searcher and analyst working at the intersection of the technical, business and IP vectors for driving innovative ideas to commercial success.  A particular benefit of working with Phil is that he is very familiar with both the legal processes and the technology and can therefore provide a very cost effective route for IP advice and strategic portfolio management.


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